Monday, 30 October 2017

Leilani - Athletics Practising!

Athletics Practising!
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Has  your school ever had an athletics day? Well at my school coming up very soon we have a athletics day. If you are wondering what athletics day is , well it is just our whole school doing sport activities all day long! Since our athletics day is coming up we need to practice!

When we practise we go to different activities so that we know how to play each one. On day on  October the 30th team 4 went out onto the field to  practice for the athletics. I am in room 6 maths so we went straight to Miss Parrant. Miss Parrant was teaching us how to do discus. Have you ever played discus? Well for starters it ain’t that easy but if you practice , practice and practice you will be an expert. After everyone had a turn it was time to go to Mrs Buchanan.

Mrs Buchanan was teaching us how to play shot pot. I think that shot pot it very hard because I can’t even throw the heavy ball. But unfortunately the siren went off. When the siren goes off it is time to go back to class and eat morning tea.

I think that practising for athletics day is amazing. So when it comes to the actual athletics day we would know how to play the sport activites right. I love to practice for anything. If you love sports tell your teacher that your school should do athletics day! The End!

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