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Leilani - Pyrmids Of Giza!

Pyramids of Giza

Giza pyramid complex - Wikipedia

The three largest pyramids of Giza are the tombs of ancient Egyptian rulers known as pharaohs: Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. The Pyramid of Khufu took almost 20 years to build, around 2550 BC. Also known as the Great Pyramid, it is made of more than one million limestone blocks. On average, each block weighs 2.5 tonnes. The pyramid was the tallest built structure in the world for more than 3800 years. It contains three known burial chambers.

The Pyramid of Khafre (son of Khufu) has many statues in and around it. One of these is known as the Sphinx, which may be in the image of Khafre. The Sphinx statue looks like a lion with a human head. It was built to guard Khafre’s tomb. The Pyramid of Menkaure, son of Khafre, is the smallest of the three. The burial chamber inside is lined with pink granite.

Treasure and mystery
Archaeologists marvel of how the pyramids were built. The ancient Egyptians did not have powered machines to measure and lift building materials, yet they managed to build these huge structures.
The pyramids were full of treasure that was buried with the pharaohs after they died. They included gold, statues, clothing, jewellery, food and even boats. The ancient Egyptians believed that all these things would help the pharaohs on their journey to the afterlife.
The pyramids also had secret passageways to trap robbers who tried to steal the burial treasure. Eventually, the ancient Egyptians stopped building large pyramids because they were easy targets for robbers.

Did you know?
Pharaoh Tutankhamun was buried in a secret tomb in the Valley of the Kings that wasn’t discovered until 1922. The ancient Egyptians believed that anyone who entered the tombs would be cursed. After the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered, one of the people involved in the search died. This led more people to believe that the cure was real!


  1. Who were the three largest pyramids of Giza built for?
  2. Khufu
  3. Khafre
  4. Menkaure
  5. What is known about the Pyramid of Khufu?
  6. It is the great pyramid.

  1. What was found in all three pyramids?
  2. Food , boats , gold , status , clothing and jewellery.
  3. Why did the pyramids have secret passageways?
  4. They had secret passageways to trap the robbers when they try and rob some amazing items that are in the pyramid's.
  5. What was thought would happen to those who entered the tombs?
  6. They would get cursed and die.
  7. What happened to feed this belief and did it prove the belief to be true?
  8. They think is it true.Because when they went someone died and they really thought that it was true.
  9. Why would only pharaohs had pyramids built for themselves as tombs?
  10. So that when they pass away they can get buried.They also get a lion which has a human head so that they can guard them.
  11. Why would a pyramid take 20 years to build?
  12. Because they didn’t have any machines to help build the pyramid’s.
  13. Also the pyramid’s are made out of millions of limestone blocks.Each block weighs 2.5 tonnes.
  14. What would we do today to stop grave robbers stealing treasure?
  15. We would hide our most important items away somewhere secret.
  16. Lock up our house when going somewhere.
  17. Why are people today still fascinated by the ancient Egyptians?

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