Saturday, 28 October 2017

Leilani - Free Writing - Practising For My Test!

Walt - To get creative!

Free Writing!
For this task write about how I  have reached 3 million subscribers. Make sure that it is sensible and that it is creative.
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What is your writing all about? How I celebrate
Are you going to celebrate , write about how thankful you are or other? How I celebrate
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Have you ever reached  3 million subscribers on your Youtube channel? Well I did! Today was finally the day I reached 3 million subscribers. I have been creating and posting video on Youtube for 2 years already. The first video that I ever created I thought that no one would watch it. But now look at me! I can’t wait until it is time celebrate!

To celebrate I am going to invite one amazing subscribers to my house and we are going to have a sleep over. We are going to go to the mall , play games and eat lots of food together. I actually know one of my subscribers and I am going to invite her over.

( 2 days later ) My amazing subscriber is here her name is Bianca. The first thing that we are going to do is go shopping at the mall. Let go! We’re here. Lets just buy tons of clothes for us to wear! ( Few hours later ) Alrighty we are done shopping and I think we are getting hungry so we are going to grab some pizza.
( The next day ) We woke up around 12:00  and now we are going to go  bowling. We’re here at the ten pin bowling. “ Woo hoo thanks so much for picking me to come with you “ Bianca said. After bowling we went straight to Mcdonalds because we were hungry and we wanted some ice-cream. Unfortunately it was time for Bianca to go back home.  So we quickly ate then I dropped her off to the airport. We said our goodbyes and it was time for me to go home.

It was so much fun celebrating with Bianca since I reached 3 million subscribers. Now I am going to go home and make another video for my lovely subscribers! The end!

Task description - Today I was very bored. Since we have our test coming up I thought it would be perfect to practice my writing. This activity was made by myself. I created it on google docs. This activity is all about me reaching 3 million subscribers on my Youtube channel. Of course this is made up because I do not own my own Youtube channel. 
If you enjoy please leave a positive comment ( if you like ) God bless you and your family , stay safe and BYE BYE!!

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