Monday, 30 October 2017

Leilani - Decimal Word Multiplication!

Walt: Add and subtract decimals in tenths and hundredthsWalt: Use place value to solve time tables higher than 10

Task description - Room 6 maths is learning how to do decimals and multiplication. Here is one of the activities that our teacher gave us. There is three slides. Of course each slide has different questions to answer. It get's harder and harder. The last slide was a bit tricky. So I would need help from my teacher so I can understand more about what we are doing. This maths work was so much fun doing I did this in the nice sunny sun so that I cold be more relaxed and more focused.
If you enjoy this please leave a positive comment ( if you like ) God bless you and your family , stay safe and BYE BYE!!


  1. Hello Leilani. Well done for working so hard on this activity. I can tell that this one was a bit tricky for you. Please see me tomorrow, I would love to help you with this activity.

    Be careful not to mix your tenths and hundredths. I will show you how to do question 1:
    6.45 - 2.8 =
    6.45 - 2.0 = 4.45
    4.4 - 0.8 = 3.6
    Now add the 0.05 back on again and you have: 3.65

    1. Kia ora Miss Scanlan ,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It was very tricky to do this one because most of the answers. Thank you so much for correcting me so that means next time I will watch out.
      From - Leilani